Success stories

Success stories


Learn how VEMOTION has changed the lives of patients, therapists, and physicians.


Primaria Dr. Pucks-Faes
Medical Director, Tirol-Kliniken GmbH, 
LKH Hochzirl-Natters, Zirl

»VEMOTION is a useful addition to the rehabilitation team for the mobilization of post COVID-19 patients. By adjusting the training parameters, an ideal load seems to be found for the patient and a positive influence on the ventilation of the lungs, the cardiovascular, the digestive and the senso-motor system is achieved. For the patients in their isolation, this means not only a sensible rehabilitative and certainly also preventive treatment. It is also a very welcome change, which has a clearly positive effect on the patients´ mental health. This is usually very battered anyway and has a positive effect on the entire team treating the patient.«


Lucie Kochendörfer
BGU Murnau - Paraplegic Center

»VEMOTION is a varied addition to circulation training and verticalisation in therapy for our patients in the Paraplegic Centre. The movement sequence of the legs, which is based on a gait cycle, activates the sensorimotor function of the muscles that are still reinnervated. In addition, mobilisation with VEMOTION has a significant influence on the ventilation of the lungs and increases the vigilance of our patients. Especially at the beginning after a severe spinal cord injury, we experience a very positive effect on the patients' psyche with VEMOTION


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