Field Report

GBS – Patient


Dieter, 50 years old, from Ravensburg.

Prior to his diagnosis he worked as a service administrator and has a passion for technology.

One of his many hobbies includes hiking, which he enjoys doing most with his wife.

Course of the Disease

Dieter’s journey to Burgau was a long one. In mid-May of this year, when all his muscles failed and he required ventilation, he was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), a chronic nerve disorder.

Despite months of standard GBS medical therapy, his condition did not improve. After being treated in three different hospitals, he arrived at the Therapiezentrum Burgau in early October 2023. Still tetraplegic, he met doctors at the neurological specialty clinic who diagnosed a rare form of GBS.

With the right medication, Dieter improved rapidly; within less than ten days, he was extubated and could move his upper limbs slightly

Use of robot-assisted mobilization (from mid-October)

After the paresthesia subsided, the well-trained team at the Burgau Therapy Center began the VEMOTION therapy with Dieter.
He enjoyed it so much that he wanted longer sessions of VEMOTION mobilizations. Dieter reports that the active mode – Assist-as-Needed – particularly motivated him. Seeing the return and improvement of activity in his legs during the initial therapies was an incentive for him to continue.

Dieter spent up to three hours a day in the VEMOTION system, shaping his clinic routine around the mobilization therapies. He ate during the therapy, watched TV, or metaphorically raced with his wife.

Outcome (end of November)

In the meantime, Dieter can walk up to 100 steps in the corridor with the walker.
Now he no longer needs the robotic support. But he is enormously Goals & Wishes

Goals & Wishes

Dieter’s wish for the future is clear: to be able to walk again, of course.
In addition, he wants to go hiking on a mountain again at some point. It doesn’t have to be the highest, but he wants to be able to pursue his passion for hiking with his wife again.

Thank you for your cooperation!

None of this would be possible without the commitment of the team at the Burgau Therapy Centre. We are very enthusiastic about the cooperation and we are always happy to be able to work together with the nursing staff, therapists and doctors in such an innovative way.