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German Medical Award 2021

We are happy to announce our 2nd place for the Medical Innovation Award

Presentation of the first study phase of the MobiStaR project at the PPZ cluster conference

4. Clusterkonferenz „Zukunft der Pflege“ 16. and 17. September 2021

High-tech and humanity - robotic assistance enters intensive care units

Intelligent, assistive robotics for early mobilization of critically ill intensive care patients convinces investors. Fighting the shortage of nurses...

Online seminar: The future has begun

Robotic technology in the early mobilization of intensive care patients – Carsten Hermes, MSc., Christina Nakel and Dr. Alexander König

Reactive Robotics receives MDR certification

As one of the first medical technology companies and manufacturers of early rehabilitation devices ...

Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy 2021!

It was a challenging year – we thank you all for the trust that you have placed in our early mobilization therapy with our VEMO® system and the...


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