VEMO® stands for robot-assisted Very Early Mobilization – the core and aspiration of our innovation


VEMO® stands for robot-assisted Very Early Mobilization – the core and aspiration of our innovation


revolutionizing very early mobilization

    Our VEMO® system combines adjustable tilting with robot-assisted leg movement therapy in a safe environment.

    • Uniquely, there is no need to transfer to a separate therapy device as the patient can remain in their own bed.
    • Great robot and human interaction to support therapists and create a unique therapeutic experience.
    • Early Mobilization is part of the ABCDEF-bundle and is seen as one of the most important therapies in the prevention of negative effects of immobility.
    • Early Mobilization support the patient`s recovery process and prevents secondary complications associated with immobilty.

    Benefits of the VEMO® system

    The VEMO® system solves the problem of large scale implementation of Very Early Mobilization in critical care by bringing robot-assisted therapy to the patient.

    The unique usability of the VEMO® system allows one person to perform early mobilization therapy
    even with severly affected patients. This is possible as there is no transfer to a separate device required.


    • Therapy is performed directly in patient's ICU bed. Dangerous transfers of patients onto separate therapy devices are avoided.
    • Risk of injuries is reduced by supporting the therapists in the physically demanding work.
    • All components comply with the highest hygienic standards.


    • Great user experience through intuitive user interface and state-of-the-art technology.
    • The robot-assisted technology complements manual early mobilization and can thus pursue several therapy goals at once.


    • The device automatically adapts itself to the abilities' of each individual patient.
    • Personalized therapy can be provided.


    • VEMO® allows detailed recording of the patient`s activity and monitors the therapy progress. 
    • There is no need of paper documentation as therapy summaries are automatically saved on the device.


    • All components oft he VEMO® systems are either wipe-disinfectable, reprossesable or are single-patient items.
    • No spray disinfection or unhygienic multi-use velco straps.
    • VEMO® systems have been tested to the highest clinical standards.


    Helle Dokken Director Head of Nursing – University Medical Center – Göttingen, Germany

    It is of particular importance to provide best possible care to patients by optimal working conditions for our care givers. Open-mindedness towards innovation in care taking will be key to cope with the challenges arising in the healthcare sector. The robot-assisted VEM therapy support by the VEMO® system will relieve our care givers from the physically hard work and create new temporal space for them to focus on the humane side of care for their patients.

    Dr. Friedemann Müller Head Physician - Schön Klinik, Bad Aibling – Germany

    From the beginning of the project, I support the approach of robot-assisted VEM. The VEMO® system will combine the benefits of early mobilization with a unique usability approach. Bringing the therapy to the patient rather than the patient to therapy is truly innovative. I expect particularly our ventilated patients to benefit from this new device.


    VEMO® system - we bring the therapy to the patient –
    Very Early Mobilization - safe and effective for patient, nurses and therapists

    Patient can stay in their bed as transfers are avoided
    Nurse can fully focus on the well-being of the patient
    Intuitive interface and modern technology allow easy preparation and operation of VEMO®.


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