news | 30. November 2023

Change of management at Reactive Robotics

After eight years of successful leadership and groundbreaking innovations at Reactive Robotics, founder and CEO Dr. Alexander König announces his resignation from the management board. He is handing over responsibility to devote himself to new challenges and personal goals but will remain closely associated with the company.
What began as an idea has developed into an extremely promising healthcare company under the leadership of Dr. Alexander König. With his energy for innovation and the mission to develop intelligent robotic assistance, Dr. König has opened new perspectives for both patients and hospital staff and made Reactive Robotics what it is today. Mobilization with the VEMOTION system has already benefited over 400 patients with more than 4,000 therapies and will continue to establish itself in the market.

Reactive Robotics is grateful for Dr. König’s outstanding contribution and looks forward to a continued successful future under the new leadership. The company remains committed to its mission of developing and delivering innovative healthcare solutions to improve people’s lives.

The future of Reactive Robotics is as promising as its history. Dr. König hands over the baton to two long-time employees who have impressively demonstrated their commitment to continuing Reactive Robotics’ mission. Brigitte Schrätzenstaller-Rauch and Maximilian Große-Dunker, who have already played a crucial role in the development and success of the company, will take over as Managing Directors.

Together, the management team will lead the company into the next phase of commercialization. To support this important transition phase and achieve Reactive Robotics’ ambitious growth targets, the company is pleased to announce the successful attraction of further investment funding. These additional resources will help to accelerate the development of new products and technologies and to take Reactive Robotics’ next important steps.

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Reactive Robotics is a leading healthcare startup dedicated to developing innovative technologies and solutions for the healthcare industry. The company is on a mission to revolutionize healthcare by integrating technology and medical expertise to improve people’s lives through innovative products and services.