news | 13. Januar 2021

Reactive Robotics receives MDR certification

As one of the first medical technology companies and manufacturers of early rehabilitation devices
in the European Union, Reactive Robotics was granted the European Medical Device Regulation
(MDR) certification by its notified body, the TÜV Süd. All required audits have been successfully
completed in September 2020.
The EU MDR is scheduled to come into effect in the EU Member States from 26th May 2021.
It aims at providing greater protection of public health and safety by setting out more stringent
requirements and obligations.
In order to cope with the requirements of the MDR, Reactive Robotics has committed to becoming
an early MDR adopter and has been working for more than two years on transitioning its devices
and quality management system into MDR’s new legal framework.

Credits: Reactive Robotics / Monkey Business Images (shutterstock)

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