news | 12. Juli 2019

Robotic Meet-Up – Reactive Robotics & Magazino

On July, 11th, Reactive Robotics and Magazino co-hosted a Robotic Meet-Up in Munich, in order to bring interested people together and facilitate networking in the area of robotics. About 60 robotic enthusiasts came to visit the offices and development facilities of the two companies. During two robot demonstrations as well as two round table Q&A sessions, all visitors got an insight into the daily life of the two start-ups. Additionally, they got to know the differences to traditional industries as well an overview of the challenges a robotic start-up faces on a regular basis and how to overcome them.

It was great to see that so many participants are interested in the latest robot development of Reactive Robotics and Magazino! After the robot demos our round table discussions turned into a vibrant discussion and networking between Reactive Robotics and Magazino employees as well as the participants. We will definitely organize a second event like this! – Lara (Magazino)

Being able not only to share my knowledge about software in the medical field but also to get to know more about the visitors in such a casual and relaxed way has been a lot of fun! – Chris (Reactive Robotics)

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